Plan of the Week: Miter Saw Stand Part Two: Extensions

The Chief’s Shop Miter Saw Stand Base with Extensions is Part Two of a three-part project for a miter saw stand. The first installment was the base and the last is a hood for the back. A table saw with taper jig or jig saw, miter saw, drill/driver and Kreg Jig® are all you need to build it.

This project, including the other two installments, was a Viewers’ Choice Sketch of the Day from back in December 2012.

Click the image below to access the plan page and a pdf download.


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Make Some Sawdust!


Sketch of the Day: Miter Saw Stand

I may have gotten a little carried away with this miter saw stand concept, the second of the Viewers’ Choice sketches.

You can clearly see the extensions that feature a fence. The extensions are supported by two gate-style arm assemblies on each side.

What’s the thing on top? It’s a hood to help contain dust. Near the back of the platform you’ll notice a hole, which is a port for a shop vacuum hose. The hood itself would create a very dark box by itself, so I created large slots to allow in light. The the inside would be covered with acrylic sheets in order to close off the hood.

The base is designed so that casters could be attached underneath.


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Make Some Sawdust!


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