Chief, a.k.a., Chris Hill, has been woodworking for 25 years and has family members who have been involved in nearly every aspect of home building. For five years he was the woodworking editor for Lowe’s Creative Ideas or Home & Garden and Lowe’s Creative Ideas for Woodworkers, for which he wrote instructions, created illustrations, built, and photographed projects and how-to steps. In addition, he worked on and developed DIY content for Lowe’s Creative Ideas or Home & Garden and helped in the production of the online woodworking videos Lowe’s Shop Class. He regularly contributes to DIYNetwork.com in addition to various magazines, including Woodcraft and The Family Handyman.

Working professionally since 1992, Chris has worked in nearly every discipline within publishing, including operations/business management, circulation, production, editorial, advertising, and online development.

Chris is a freelance writer and editor, covering woodworking and DIY content, a custom furniture and furnishings craftsman, as well as a furniture restorer. You can reach him at chief@chiefs-shop.com.

Published on January 11, 2010 at 3:42 am  Comments (6)  

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  1. This is a great site Chris! Congratulations. I look forward to learning from you. When can we see videos?

    • Soon. There will be some new things coming in late May.

  2. Chris – I love sketch of the day. Great designs – great idea

  3. What a awesome blog!
    I have been wanting to find something like ths for yonks

  4. Is there plans for some of the sketches?

    • jens – Look at my Plan of the Week section and you’ll find plans for several of the Sketches of the Day, plus a few others.



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