How did you get the nickname Chief?

I’ve been asked this question a number of times, and typically I’ve been vague when giving an answer. But I’ve been asked enough times now that I think it’s time to turn the whole idea into a contest. Who can figure out how I got the nickname Chief?

I’m breaking this down into two categories: 1) the closest to the real story; and 2) the most original submission. For number 1, the prize will be a custom plan for a project of the winner’s choosing, either of a Sketch of the Day, or something the winner has wanted to build, but just hasn’t had the time or patience to figure out dimensions, etc. For number 2, the prize is a Chief’s Shop hat.

I’m giving one hint: It’s not from military service.

Email your responses to, with the subject line “Chief nickname”. I’m running this contest until Oct. 31, and you can submit unlimited guesses.

Chief's Shop

Good luck, and Make Some Sawdust!


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Sketch of the Day: Standing Desk #woodworking

This standing desk concept is a departure from what I typically create, because it doesn’t have a storage top. This one is simply a platform for a laptop or tablet, with one storage shelf underneath.


Be sure to like Chief’s Shop on Facebook! Prizes are awarded at various levels of “likes”. Free woodworking plans available here and more Sketch of the Day images available here.

Make Some Sawdust!


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