Sketch of the Day: Study Desk Chair #woodworking

A chair concept to go with yesterday’s study desk concept.


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Make Some Sawdust!


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  1. I was watching your video on this bench, and have a question.  I noticed you only used 1 screw at each end of the seat slats. if I use cedar with only 1 screw at each end, will the sides curl up from being outdoors ? do I need to put glue on the ends? any suggestions would be helpful. thanks don                                                              

    • Which bench specifically? I recommend you use exterior-rated glue anyway. Check the end grain for each board – as you may know this will have an impact on how the board may cup or crown. Try to pick boards cut from heart wood where you can see the growth rings running near vertical. And be sure to seal that cedar very well. This more than anything will help you avoid the curling.

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