Sketch of the Day: Pyramid Planter

While working on the design for the Strawberry Pyramid planter I created for Bonnie Plants, I worked up several different designs. Here is one similar to what was selected. This one is a bit bigger, with a few more sections for planting.


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Make Some Sawdust!



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  1. I really love this design and like it better than the one chosen for the Bonnie site. Reason being with this design, each level has notches cut out to prevent it from sliding and because it looks like you can plant more. It would also be beautiful with herbs planted in it. You could use the smaller sections for herbs like peppermint to control them since they like to “spread their love”! LOL Great design! I would love to build or have my husband help me build this :0)

    • Thanks Kristin! Here’s a link to the plan for yet another pyramid planter design –

      • Thanks Chris! I saw that one and thought it was pretty too. I do not believe we have all the tools needed to build this one to make the curve on the tops of the boards, which I think adds to the the design.

      • Gotcha. Be on the lookout, as I may go ahead and do a plan for this one.

  2. Here you go Kristin!

    • Thank you Chris! You are so awesome! I really appreciate this very much. I can hardly wait to get this built. =0)

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