Sketch of the Day: Easel/Copy Stand

To my publishing industry friends it’s a copy stand. To my artist friends, an easel. To cooks, a cookbook stand.


Be sure to like Chief’s Shop on Facebook! At 1,500 likes someone will be selected to receive a box of 500 Kreg pocket hole screws.

Make Some Sawdust!


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  1. to many sketches of the day not many plans!!!

    • Knock yourself out here –

    • Chief’s shop works his butt off creating sketches to see how popular they become. As a result, the ones that are the most popular by his fans will usually become plans. Actually turning a sketch into a plan requires alot of work, hence the reason there are more sketches than plans. You can find all the plans you want at the Chief’s Shop website. I believe the web site is: From there you can browse all the plans that he has created for himself, his fans, and for Lowe’s and DIY. I hope this helps.

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