Viewers’ Choice Week – Sketch of the Day

Monday thru Friday I post a new inspiration concept of a project idea – the Sketch of the Day. Over the span of an entire year, that results in quite a few drawings. Right now there are more than 500 sketches that I’ve produced just for this blog and doesn’t event count the dozens of project ideas each year I present to clients. They’re only seen by a handful of people.

I draw my inspiration from various sources including catalogues, antique/consignment shops, furniture that family and friends own, and well at times, plain old thin air. The inspiration I enjoy most, however, is the collection of requests from my readers/viewers and Facebook fans.

I’d like to honor those queries by dedicating an entire week to your requests. Each Sketch of the Day that week will be entirely from your ideas. I’ll even give recognition to the folks who submitted the ideas. At the end of that week, I’ll select the most popular sketch and then turn it into a Plan of the Week. As you know, not all Sketches become Plans – only a small portion ever do.

So, for the next week I want you to hit me up with your ideas. Put your ideas in the comment section of this post, put it on my Facebook page, or simply e-mail me at I’ll pick the top five and go from there.

Thanks and Make Some Sawdust!



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Scrap Wood Project: Toy Solder

This toy soldier was requested directly on Make an ornament or create decor for a little boy’s room.

Click on the image for the pattern in four sizes.


For more patterns and templates, go to the Patterns & Templates page.

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Make Some Sawdust!


Gift Project: Cheese Board

I make these cheese boards as holiday gifts for teachers each year. My wife bakes a small loaf of bread and makes a jar cranberry-orange marmalade to go with them.

Print the second page as your pattern. The first page is merely for reference.

Click the image below to download the plan.



Be sure to e-mail me with any questions and let me know what you think –

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