Sketch of the Day: Pantry Door Organizer

Storage racks on the back of a pantry door is nothing new, but they’re usually pre-fab coated wire. This pantry door organizer concept would be solid wood, and have movable shelves so you can adjust for varying heights of items to be stored.

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  1. Interesting design, but from my own experience weight is an issue with a door-hung organizer like this. I have a wire-frame one, and when it’s full of spices and bottles of things it gets very heavy; adding the weight of the wood would make that worse.

    • Like anything, there must be a balance. I too have a wire frame rack on the back of my door, but I don’t overload it. It would depend on the door (solid or hollow-core) as well. This is a concept of course and needs testing.

  2. I think the high rails are not necessary. Our pantry door shelves have a 1/4″ x 2″ solid board in front to retain the goods. They have worked fine for 40 years.

    If the shelves are adjustable on pins, then the bottoms of the shelves need to be notched where they sit on the pins so the shelf won’t slide forward when the door is shut. Better yet would be a slot at the back and a notch at the front so the shelves could neither tip nor slide.

    • I contemplated French cleats (at the back) with support rails for the shelves as well. It’s all academic until it’s tested and/if it becomes a plan anyway. ;0)

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