Replicating A Radius Cut

You’ve got a project that requires the same radius be cut on a corner of SEVERAL parts. It’s not a radius for which you have something you can use to make the mark, such as a can lid. You’ve got to use a compass for each mark. Or do you? Save some time with this tip.

Mark the radius on only one part.

Make the cut.

Line up the part with the next blank and make the mark. Repeat for however many parts you have.

Make sure you gang sand (lining up at least two parts, clamping together, and sanding) the parts to make them match. Be sure to NOT cut on the line, but just outside of the line. You want to use the mark as a sanding guide.

Sketch of the Day: Cart Coffee Table

The thought behind this concept is making a replica of a railroad cart. I see them turned into coffee tables (not a big stretch to do that) all the time. It wouldn’t be exact, but I might actually use replacement lawn mower wheels (the large back wheels) in the middle rather than the wheels I show here.

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Make Some Sawdust!


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