Hats In The Shop

My baseball hat collection is big enough that I could wear a different each day for a month, yet I still keep getting new ones. Sure, there are few that get retired, and probably A LOT that need to be taken out of circulation.

I wear a hat nearly every second I’m in the shop, unless I’m in certain assembly situations, and even then I’m more likely just to simply turn it around. Hats serve as my sweat band, my head warmer, and a shelf (the bill) for dust masks and/or safety glasses.

In my videos you’ve probably seen one hat in particular – my Chief’s Shop logo hat. It has been my primary/favorite hat for the past year or so. If it’s caught your fancy, then you’re in luck because I know have several available.

Click on the image below to go to my Store page, where you can order one for $15, which includes shipping (U.S. residents). If you’re fan from a far away land and want one, we can work out arrangements.

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Sketch of the Day: Patio Side Table

I label this a side table, but it could also serve as a seat. It’s similar to my rustic design, but with a few slightly more complicated components.

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