Sizing Furniture: Desks

It seems like the DIY and crafting community is turning any left over piece of lumber, countertop, door, etc., into a piece a furniture. That’s cool, I dig it. But you still need to follow some sort of dimension rules.

Let’s look at desks. Writing desks seems to be very popular, although I’m not sure how many folks are actually sitting at them writing. They tend to be diminutive and cute, and more often than not, attractive repositories for everyday junk.

That being said, if you’re looking to create your own writing desk design, aim for a height of 28 to 30 inches (29 is the dead-on average) and at least 24 inches deep. I’ve seen them at 18 inches deep, but then it gets more into the hall table/console range. Width? At a minimum, go with my 30-inch rule that I use for one person at a table.

For a computer/home office desk, use the same height as a writing desk (pretty much all desks at that height), and make it a little deeper to at least 30 inches. Shoot for a width of at least 48 inches.

If you want a right proper office desk, take it on up to 36 inches deep and 72 inches wide…just know that it will take up a lot of space!

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Sketch of the Day: Accent Bench

This accent bench is in the same style as the accent table from yesterday.

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