Day Trip: The Woodworking Show in Atlanta

I took my oldest son with me to The Woodworking Show in Atlanta. He actually wanted to go (with a little bribery in the form of having lunch at The Varsity), and enjoyed himself. He even found a tool kit he wanted, so I picked that up for him. Plus, we hooked up with his grandfather (my father), so it was a real family “man” outing.

I can’t say that I was blown over by anything at the show – I didn’t see any innovate products.¬†There were typical demonstrations on tool use and finishing techniques, and carnival-esque hawkers at each booth (very annoying). I did film a couple of things that were interesting.

A lot of folks have either already seen or heard about the reindeer form being cut on a bandsaw. Here’s a quick video on one guy doing this:

What makes this possible are the blade and blade guides this company makes.

The Gwinnett (County, Georgia) Woodturners group was making what they called a world-record turned wood bowel from a huge slab of spalted red maple.

One of the group members made and modified the equipment to make this possible. Not super practical, but retired guys must have something to do, I reckon.

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