Message Heard Loud and Clear

Clearly, you like getting plans!

Looking at my blog stats for this week, I saw a 58% jump in views over the previous week, with the three plans I posted accounting for 55% of all views. One plan alone got 35% of all views for the week! And these were just easy one-page plans…

So, I should post more plans, right!

I will…maybe not three in one week, but mostly likely one per week. And I’ll vary between one-page plans and more complex plans, especially some of the seating projects, such as the Outdoor Pitch Chair, which was quite popular this week.

I’m considering Thursday for these plan posts. Why? Well, that would give you enough time to decide to do the project and pick up supplies in order to work on it over the weekend. I want to keep all of my projects easy enough to be completed in one weekend by a high-level beginner to intermediate woodworker.

Be on the lookout for new plans, and be sure to rate the Sketches of the Day – that helps me decide which plans to produce.

Make some sawdust!


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