Think Outside The Paint Can

I like playing around with finishes, experimenting with techniques that give interesting looks. 

This one isn’t all that creative, but it had a few people guessing when they saw it. 


This picture frame was for a co-worker who likes natural, organic things. I knew I wanted to use green, but I didn’t want a plain old solid paint. So, I simply thinned out some water-based paint – Valspar Hunter Green (right off the shelf at Lowe’s). 

I used a quart paint cup and added a few ounces of paint, and added water until I got a very thin mixture. Then it was just a matter of applying the mixture, wiping it in, and wiping it off. I didn’t let it sit for long and buffed in the mixture where I may have missed with brush strokes. 

I didn’t sand the wood either, which helped in uneven absorption. This added to the look I was trying to achieve. So I guess you could say I did all the “wrong” things with this one, to get the “right” look. 

And it worked. Most folks who saw it thought I had used some sort of stain. It was fun to see the reaction when I told them how I really did it. 

Experiment with finishes to avoid the same old look everyone else gets. Play around with organic materials (coffee, tea), and food coloring. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and have a look that no one else has achieved. 

Note: Be sure to limit the use of toxic materials (like acids and industrial cleaners/solvents – use your noggin’ please), and try your experiments on scrap wood first before you apply it to a finished project. 

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