What’s The Hurry? Learn To Go Slow

I think I’ve heard old timers (you know who you are) complain more about younger woodworkers rushing through projects than any other complaint they may have about “those whippersnappers” who’ve taken up the craft.

The one tool that seems to bother them most is the band saw-whippersnappers seem to try to force the wood past the blade so fast that they are getting horrible jagged cuts that take up any time saved by having to be sanded, and sanded, and sanded…

I’m reminded of this every time I think back to one project. In the process of making this project, I cut through some 2x red oak (made from laminated 1x) and used both the band saw and jigsaw. Now, being between the age of a whippersnapper and an old timer I have the characteristics of both – the impatience of youth, yet the smarts to know better. Still, I made the mistake a time or two of rushing when using the band saw, which is especially a problem with the combination of a hardwood that is 1 1/2 inches thick. Fortunately, I only had to make the mistake twice before I settled down and took my sweet time.

Still, I had to work over a particularly long arc I cut on two parts (my two mistakes), so the belt sander came out and did its duty for a while, costing me much more time than I saved by rushing earlier.

The lesson: Take your time to do it right and do it carefully.

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