Board Stretcher

Got your attention?

I ran into a problem today with some stock. I picked upĀ  three boards the other day for a test build – 1x12s to be exact. Today is the first time I started working with them and discovered that one was 11″ wide instead of the normal actual 11 1/4″ a 1×12 should be. A problem because the plan called for 11 1/4″ parts.

Could I have run back and purchased another 1×12? Sure, but I’ve screwed up enough times that I had a quick solution.

I keep random strips leftover from rip cuts, as I mentioned in the Spacer blog. So, I searched through my stack until I found a 1/4″ thick strip. Now, this was a test build, and it’s eventually going to be painted, so I wasn’t too worried about matching wood. This strip was not the same species as the original board.

I cut the strip slightly longer than the original board length, then attached it using molding glue and 3/4″ bradsĀ (molding glue sets up quickly). I let the glue dry, then trimmed off the excess. That edge of the board was then positioned in the back of the project. No one would ever guess once it’s filled, sanded, primed, and painted.

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