Finishing Platform

This is a quick and easy project for setting projects up from a work surface so you can apply a finish.

I’ve seen little plastic “pyramids” that are for this purpose, but I always like to improvise and use scrap materials for something whenever I can.

Take a piece of 1×12 (or a scrap bit of plywood) and drill several countersunk (#10) holes on one side. Space the holes every few inches, beginning 1″ or so from the edges, and make sure the holes are drilled to the same depth. Drive #8 x 1 1/4″ screws into the holes and file the points of the screws to a rounded point.

Now you can place a project on the points of the screws and apply a finish to five sides of the project. It’s best to use this only for small projects. Heavier projects would press themselves on the screw points with their weight alone.

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